Paradigm Sample: Approach

If you succeed, we succeed.

Consultative Approach


  • Time Frame

    We summarize the feasibility and pricing for you as quickly as possible, usually within hours. Our goal is to get you a bid within 24 hours for complex bids and no more than 4 hours for simple bids. We can get a project into the field within hours of project agreement and on the weekends when necessary. In addition, we monitor all active projects twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have offices in Port Washington, NY, San Francisco and India. We pride ourselves in being available for 24 hours a day.

  • Client-Driven Organization

    Highly Consultative
    We share our research experience, our quality-assured vendor network, and our successful strategies. Our researchers and supply experts leverage their in-depth knowledge of all aspects of market research. You can be confident that your job is in the hands of an experienced team who care about your results.

    Innovative and Creative Problem Solvers
    If your research requires non-traditional sample sources, we will share in the risk of innovation so that you get the results you need.


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